The features what makes the Hotel Emmy-five elements so special:

the unique, quiet panoramic location, above the health resort Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
20% discount on the Green-fee at the Golfclub St.Vigil/Seis and the Golfcard free of charge on request
the "five-elements" of the rooms - balance between the basic elements
the interior decoration of the rooms with larch, pine- and walnut wood as well as natural clay walls and planed oak floor
the copper fountain with fresh "Schlernbluat" (spring water) directly in your room
the handmade wool sheep "Emmy" in the room
approx 25 employees who constantly strive for your well-being

P.S. (these figures refer to the main house)

Good nights sleep in the rooms and suites of the hotel in Fiè allo Sciliar

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High quality materials, native types of wood and soft fabrics offer a special atmosphere in the rooms of the active hotel Emmy

According to the order of the inns of 1533, the landlord was required to offer guests food and beverage as well as accommodation for at least eight people in four beds. Since then there have been many changes. We have done our best to ensure that we can give the holiday feeling right from the room.
All materials have been chosen with care, it has been paid attention to the best handmade quality.
An atelier of holidays, more than just a room, because You are not here just to sleep...
A special duct brings the water of the source, from time immemorial estimated "Schlernbluët", directly in Your room.
For the night: even before Your feet touch the ground in the chambers a small light turns on, in order to allow You to find Your way to the bathroom without disturbing your loved ones.

Larch, Stone Pine, and massive Walnut wood were used by our local carpenters. The planed oak floor - a delight for bare feet! Iron and copper are the metals, and all the fabrics are extremely hygienic and fireproof.

On the lawns of the nearby Maso Merl usually they graze, and you have it in your room: a cuddly sheep.

In most of the rooms there is a green Reseda color wall. The color green represents naturalness, spring, hope, trust, freshness, health and youth. Green is nature, vegetation, life, the opposite of the dead and shriveled. Since green has a short wavelength in the color spectrum, it produces a higher relaxing effect.

The red topsoil color in the corridors and in the common rooms radiates calm, warmth and well-being, and is synonymous for happiness, joy, energy and love.

Hotel Emmy-five elements
Putzes Street 5
39050 Fiè allo Sciliar (BZ)
Tel. (0039) 0471 72 60 14
Fax: (0039) 0471 72 42 29 -

Saltria Street 36 - I-39040 Alpe di Siusi (BZ)
Tel. (0039) 0471 72 79 66
Fax (0039) 0471 72 78 33 -
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