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More than just |a {room}. - Hotel Emmy
More than just
a room.
 - Hotel Emmy
 - Hotel Emmy
Why an
“Emmy holiday”?

The features what makes the Hotel Emmy-five elements so special:

  • the ecological construction of the hotel in natural wood
  • the unique, quiet panoramic location, above the health resort Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
  • the magnificent view of the village and the mountains of South Tyrol
  • the spacious rooms & suites
  • the "five-elements" of the rooms - balance between the basic elements
  • the interior decoration of the rooms with larch, pine- and walnut wood as well as natural clay walls and planed oak floor
  • the copper fountain with fresh "Schlernbluat" (spring water) directly in your room
  • the handmade wool sheep "Emmy" in the room
  • approx 25 employees who constantly strive for your well-being
  • skibus during the winter season from the hotel to the Alpe di Siusi cablecar and back

P.S. (these figures refer to the main house)

In addition we offer our guests:

  • 20% discount on ski rental at our partner Sport Fill
  • 20% reduction on the green fee at the Golf Club St.Vigil/Seis and free Golfcard on request
  • mobilecard for free use of public transport in South Tyrol during your entire stay
  • e-bike rental directly at the hotel (extra charge)
  • free participation in the activity programme with guided hiking & biking tours
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High quality materials, native types of wood and soft textiles offer a special cosy atmosphere in our rooms in Fiè allo Sciliar.

Relaxing nights in the rooms & suites of the Hotel Emmy

We have done our best to ensure that we can give the holiday feeling right from the room. All materials have been chosen with care, it has been paid attention to the best handmade quality. An atelier of holidays, more than just a room, because you are not here just to sleep...
A special duct brings the water of the source, from time immemorial estimated “Schlernbluat”, directly in your room. For the night: even before your feet touch the ground in the chambers a small light turns on, in order to allow you to find your way to the bathroom without disturbing your loved ones. Our local carpenters used larch, pine and solid walnut wood. The hand scraped solid wooden flooring - a delight for bare feet! Iron and copper are the metals, all the fabrics are extremely hygienic and fireproof. They graze usually on the lawns of the nearby Merl farm and you have one in your room: a cuddly sheep.

"Five elements" in our rooms

The doctrine of the five elements is based on five energetically vital basic elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. They are known as the fundamental forces of nature which mutually strengthen and weaken each other - the balance comes from their harmonious interaction and can only be maintained the same way. Everything that lives, moves and changes, as well as the seemingly inanimate, is subject to constant change and needs these five elements in order to exist.

Wood Fire Earth Metal Water
For the construction of the hotel was used native wood such as larch, pine, oak and solid walnut. This timber structure reflects our strength and durability, therefore has been chosen the same line for the whole interior from floor to ceiling.
Wood energy is movement, rising, a new beginning such as the morning and spring. In humans you recognize it as future dreams, making plans and as determination which we need for the important decisions in life. The wood element is associated with the colour green. This wall colour in combination with our mud walls stands for naturalness, hope, freshness, health and represents nature and life. Because of the shortest wavelength in the colour spectrum, green has the strongest relaxation effect.
In our room you are caressed by the warm indirect light which provides the particular comfort factor – an additional highlight is the „luminous flame” on the wooden wall. Fire is related to the life stage of training and development; it also represents midday and summer with the sun at its zenith. Fire type people are enthusiastic and have lust to life and love.
The fire’s obvious colour is red. The earthy reddish primary colour chosen for the walls in our rooms and public areas creates the desired warm atmosphere to relax and feel comfortable.
Healthy living is more popular than ever. For this the natural product clay has been chosen for our walls. It contributes to the pleasant room climate by regulating the humidity, especially in combination with our wall heating system. Positive side effects are the binding of pollutants, protection against electromagnetic pollution and absorption of odours. The Earth element is linked to the late summer and the afternoon, the process of maturation and the adulthood as well as to the human characteristics such as reason, care, helpfulness and concentration.
The iron framework of our television and the copper fountain represent the metals in our rooms. This element stands symbolically for the process of refining of ores to high-quality metals. Metal is the source of such emotions as selfless and fair behaviour, generosity, concentration on the essential, but also sadness, hopelessness and selfishness.
Sprung at the foot of the mountain massif Sciliar the pure spring water „Schlernbluat“ (blood of the Sciliar) comes through a special pipeline directly to the copper fountains in our rooms. The cold winter is the energy of the element water, the time of rest and hibernation, when nature retreats to guild up its reserves for its next cycle or seasons. It is also symbolic of the depth, the dark, the unconscious as well as the effortless power of a flowing river which makes quietly its way to the sea.

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If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

- Vincent van Gogh -
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