The features what makes the Hotel Emmy-five elements so special:

the unique, quiet panoramic location, above the health resort Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern
20% discount on the Green-fee at the Golfclub St.Vigil/Seis and the Golfcard free of charge on request
the "five-elements" of the rooms - balance between the basic elements
the interior decoration of the rooms with larch, pine- and walnut wood as well as natural clay walls and planed oak floor
the copper fountain with fresh "Schlernbluat" (spring water) directly in your room
the handmade wool sheep "Emmy" in the room
approx 25 employees who constantly strive for your well-being

P.S. (these figures refer to the main house)

Weeks for kids witch magic, witches' woods and source on the Alpe di Siusi

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Follow the trail of the Sciliar witches and live exciting adventures with Martha the witch all around the legendary Alpe di Siusi in the Sciliar region

Interactive adventure trail to the sulphur springs natural monument on the Sciliar massif.

The adventure trail is devised to bring the diversity of nature closer to the visitor. First-hand experience of nature stimulates imaginative creativity in children and offers adults long-lasting rest and recuperation. The sulphur springs in the „witches' wood“ are just one of the many exciting natural monuments you will pass by right next to the trail.

Hand-carved wooden figures, land art creations, stone monuments, swamp landscapes, caves and glades line the path. They emphasise the rich variety of nature and draw attention to the habitats of many species of animals and plants. The kids' trail to the sulphur springs is designed as a real adventure game, where the children track down clues and get to grips with sheer nature. The nature park gives adults and families alike plenty of stimulation for heightened awareness. All the senses become sharpened: smell, hearing, sight, feeling, taste and at the same time there is a feeling of renewed strength, rest, having fun together and recharging with the freshness of nature.
The delight of walking at least part of the trail barefoot intensifies its magical and inspiring effect and sharpens perceptions. Direct contact with the fragrant forest floor is cooling and refreshing. The stopping points invite to pause and reflect.

Hotel Emmy-five elements
Putzes Street 5
39050 Fiè allo Sciliar (BZ)
Tel. (0039) 0471 72 60 14
Fax: (0039) 0471 72 42 29 -

Saltria Street 36 - I-39040 Alpe di Siusi (BZ)
Tel. (0039) 0471 72 79 66
Fax (0039) 0471 72 78 33 -
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